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Safety Equipment

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Safety Equipment
For Sale

Reach Services sells high-quality safety equipment to enhance your upcoming scaffolding, rigging, or hoisting project. If you have any questions about our products, contact us or fill out an inquiry form today.

Safety Lifeline

Safety Line

  • ¾” X 600FT
  • ¾” X 1200FT
  • 5/8” X 600FT
  • 5/8” X 1200FT
safety rope grabs for sale or rent from Reach Services

Rope Grabs

  • Available for 5/8”, 3/4”.
  • A wide variety available from simple operation to more unusual types.

Standard sizes in stock at all times.

Safewaze fall protection harness

Harnesses & Lanyards

  • Harness is fitted with a back anchorage point.
  • Adjustable by means or single set of buckles (located on thigh straps) fitted with elastic loops to hold excess belt.