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Rigging Products
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Reach Services rents and sells high-quality rigging products to enhance your upcoming projects. If you have any questions about our products, contact us or fill out an inquiry form today.

Rigging Beam for sale or rent from Reach Services

Rigging Beam

Our versatile Rolling Outrigger Beam System is based around the strong and dependable aluminum 5×5 H-beam, allowing for a multitude of beam lengths and outreaches. Many accessories are available to solve almost any rigging
challenge. Many configurations are possible with outreaches up to 14 ft. 

  • Portable, strong, lightweight, easy to install.
parapet clamp for sale or rent from Reach Services

Parapet Clamp

  • The Aluminum Parapet Clamp is lightweight, making it easy to transport and install onto parapet walls up to 33″ thick.
  • Adjustable from 16-24″
  • 1500lb Capacity

Post Shore Adapter

  • The heavy duty Post Shore Adapter provides a fast and easy solution for temporary rigging applications by securing outrigger beams between floor slabs using post shores. 
  • The special H-design allows wire rope to pass through the adapters for hoist mounted applications such as material lifting.
  • Can be inverted for ceiling mounted applications.
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We are excited to announce the grand opening of our new Resource HQ and Reach DMV facility! Join us for food, drinks, games, and great conversation at our new location.

  • Date: Friday, July 12, 2024
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Resource - Cars and Coffee Event
Join us for Cars and Coffee at Resource HQ. 
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