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Specializing in Exterior Preservation, Façade Restoration, Unique & Specialty Projects, New Construction, Hoisting & Rigging, Engineering

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Where Safety, Service and Solutions are our Top Priority

Our dedicated team has been trained to install our wide range of swing stage offerings and can provide specialty hoisting, safety training, and job site evaluation, as well as equipment recommendations. Additionally, our service department offers hoist and equipment repairs conducted by certified, factory-trained technicians.

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Specialty Hoisting

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Lightweight Mast Climber

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Our service department, staffed by certified, factory-trained technicians, offers reliable hoist and equipment repair services. Clients trust us for consistently delivering high-quality services at a competitive price. As the fastest-growing suspended access company in the area, we specialize in providing tailored solutions for facade work on your unique projects

suspended scaffolding on Trump Tower
Reach Services - skyscraper building in city - Reach Services provides high rise access
Suspended scaffolding by Reach Services off high rise building
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Reach Services: Pompano, Florida

Founded in 1996, Reach Services is the premier source for suspended & supported scaffolding systems & specialty hoisting services for the South Florida Region and beyond.

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